Vikarë: interactive opera


“Whenever going to the cinema, or going to theatre and opera, the audience of today is a receiving audience in most cases. I think it is very exciting for the spectators to not only receive but give, to actively influence the display of arts. Thus a kind of interaction is a perfect way to add another dimension to an opera. This enhancement of possibilities will bring an important transformation: from distantly watching and listening the happening, the audience will change into being part of it, being close to it and reacting to it (although there is of course still the option left to each spectator to just remain a silent listener and viewer).The emotional connectivity to the content of the opera will be much deeper, much more profound and direct. Many similar ideas where there, and in 2014 I decided to put them together to an opera which contained some interactive concepts.

Working together with conductor and cellist Wiktor Kociuban to whom the opera is dedicated, many concrete possibilities came to being.”
Demetre Gamsachurdia

read more about this project at:



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