Delirium-EditionModern art is essential to our being!

In 2016 Wiktor Kociuban created Delirium-Edition: organisation for tomorrow’s art.

It is international platform connecting artists around the globe in order to popularize new art within brighter,younger public.

Today, we live in an multidimensional, multi-medial world. We are surrounded by music, movies and pictures simply everywhere. This means, that modern recipient is able to perceive (comprehend) much more: he needs to grasp things multi-medially and needs an art, which will have an outreaching, involving, personal, direct message. Art isn’t only a decoration and now also (or maybe even more then ever) has an deep, actual meaning to communicate.

Modern Art has it all! But, it can offer also something, which you wont get even in 5-dimensional cinema: “live” emotions and feelings. This is one of the reasons, why concerts (of any kind) will never be replaced by recordings. We, as human beings, need to experience emotions “live” – in person. Any reproduction is only a shade, a ghost of the real thing.

Delirium-Edition presents new approach in reaching out to the needs of todays public: each recipient is encouraged to co-create events (and art) interactively: add own frames, decide about course of further action. Each concert, presenting even the same music, will always be different: and so will be our emotions!